Thanks, But No!


I blog for fun and practice writing, trust me, I need the practice.  I don’t blog for accolades, recognition or awards.  I am not the stuffy, unsociable type, I just don’t believe in the blog awards.

I do understand the linking and back linking aspect of blog awards. I simply don’t think they are quite that appropriate any longer.  Not to mention the feeling of guilt when I just can’t find the time to do a properly appreciative post, thanking my friends, family and loved ones as if I were winning a Grammy or something.

I enjoy writing, and reading other blogs of interest to me.  If I find one I am more than normally impressed with or absolutely smitten by, I will share it with those who chose to read my blog.  I feel it’s a more respectable and appropriate way or recognizing the writing, photography, art, or general creativeness of others.

Thank you, but no, I don’t participate in Blog Awards.

The image above was created by the late Vickie North, an amazing artist. She gave permissions for use years back, if you wish to take it, feel free.


9 thoughts on “Thanks, But No!”

  1. I truly, truly like your style.
    …and it’s 110% AWESOME that you are supportive of anti-trafficking movements!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in that, every little bit helps the victims. Hugs!

    • Thank you. Trafficking is a plight on our existence many people simply don’t understand. Too many of them think of the victims as suspects of a different crime. If people would just stop and think, they might just realize that a young girl doesn’t strive to become a prostitute or sex slave. It’s really a sad story, overlooked by many.

      I’m working on a novel about it, trying to anyway. If I can get the project accomplished, I intend to self publish on Create, and donate all proceeds to Truckers Against Trafficking.

  2. Uncle Spike said:

    Here here… I share the same view and have been happily ‘award free’ so far

    • I prefer it to the manic derailment involved in trying to adhere to the suggested requirements of blog awards.

      • Uncle Spike said:

        Yes, it’s all a bit farcical isn’t it. Being asked to guest write, or a simple mention in other blogs to me means an accolade, not what basically is just a chain letter

      • Oh my goodness, seeing an entry by “Uncle Spike” sent all the little hairs on the back of my neck go STRAIGHT UP !!!! And then, with no small amount of trepidation, I clicked on the avatar and see that this is not “our” Uncle Spike after all . . . which, of course, it couldn’t be . . . but holy moly that was a strange moment.

      • LOL, I know, I had virtually the same experience.

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