After being passed by the Oscar Meyer Weiner, I figured it was time to find a truck stop for the day.

I take a number of things into consideration when deciding where to stop. Distance to my delivery or pick up, services provided, facilities available, and of course whether or not they are party of our fuel network. All are important factors in my selection process. One factor that is less important these days, is a restaurant. Since I have been doing most of my own cooking on the truck, availability of restaurants, just isn’t nearly as important any longer. Not to mention the fact that it’s been saving me a lot of money.

I find it interesting that the larger the city, the smaller the truck stop. Now this isn’t a set in stone rule, but it does seem to be pretty much the prevailing circumstance. I find it pretty aggravating, because the optimum use of space means smaller and tighter parking. Let me tell you, trying to back into some of these tight spaces with the sparse maneuvering room given, is a challenge sometimes. Especially late at night after a ten hour drive shift and your tired as all get out.

Tonight I’m at the Petro in San Antonio, Tx. mainly because it’s only three miles from my delivery which is scheduled for 01:00. they also have a large number of parking spaces, 250, which will be completely filled by around 20:00 tonight. They aren’t part of our fuel network, but I can still get fuel there, it just costs me a little more. Just across the interstate is s Pilot, which is part of the network, but they only have about 15 spaces and poorly layed out. Petro also has a Blue Beacon truck wash that, for some crazy reason is incredibly busy today. I like the Petro  because it’s clean and I think a little more secure. They do have a good restaurant.

Last night, I stopped at a Flying J in Fort Stockton, Tx. Mainly because it had laundry facilities, which I desperately needed. All the other truck stops along my route, and within my hours of service time constraints didn’t. I was pleased with the cleanliness, and newness of their machines. The shower facilities were also very new, and had an unending supply of hot water with good pressure. I like when I come across newly built facilities. Pilot, Flying J, and Love’s seem to have been on a building spree lately.

Cleanliness is nice. I have stayed at many truck stops that don’t seem to care that their lot is covered in trash. Some are even big name places like TA and Petro, Pilot or Flying J, Especially some Love’s. I just don’t understand why they can’t make an effort to keep things cleaned up.