The sunrise was spectacular this morning. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but still beautiful. There were some great clouds, I had hoped for some really vibrant color. I got a very bright, radiant sun instead.

Because my perch was higher than the horizon, I think the colors were missing. In not sure, but that is the only thing I can think of. the rest area I was parked at was 5,013 feet above sea level. The surrounding areas were all much lower. The place where they put the rest area is called a dessert island. There are five of them in the Colorado National Forest, within both Arizona and Colorado.

It was a cool morning, but not cold enough to require a jacket or coat. The sky was a fabulous deep blue, streaked with white clouds. Darker clouds hung higher in the sky, seeming to keep their distance from the fiery color of the sun.


Once I stared driving, the sun shone down through those dark clouds, highlighting the range of mountains. It made them look as if they were an old rough cut saw, slicing a ragged edge along the darkened horizon. They faded of to a distant oblique infinity. Shadows defining valleys and crevasses, accentuating them stark contrast.


I do find intriguing beauty in many parts of Arizona.