On Sunday, I delivered my load to a cross loading facility in Oakland, Ca. Cross loading facilities take the load off one truck, and usually load it into a container to be sent overseas by ship. The process took them over six hours, and therefore left me with no hours to drive anywhere else for my break. Of course, being a shipping company, they would not allow me to park on site. I had to move out onto the street, and find a place to park in an area that seemed overpopulated with NO PARKING signs. Not to mention the questionable characteristics of the area I was in.

This is one of the problems with hours of service that has never been addressed in any meaningful way. If we must be governed by the hours of service regulations, there has to be a way to require shippers and receivers to allow for secure and safe parking on their property. Things like basic facilities, even a Porta John, would be nice. As it was, I had to stay aware of my surroundings, along with the questionable pedestrian traffic in the area.

Luckily, I have plenty of food, along with the means to cook it. This is not prevalent in all trucks. I have expended the money to equip my truck with such means as a microwave, crock pot, coffee maker, hot plate along with some pots and pans. I feel sorry for the drivers who have no way to prepare food. It is very nice to have my Tri-Pac, which provides me with household electricity and air conditioning. Even so, I didn’t really get all that much rest, because of where I had to park. At least I ate well.