This morning I woke up early, 02:00, to find I had been blocked in by another driver. One of my pet peeves is parking stupidity. One would think that another truck driver would have the courtesy to make sure they weren’t blocking someone else’s access or exit, prior to going to sleep but no, that is far too much to ask for evidently.


Truck that parked blocking me in

I had to wake the other driver and ask her to move so I could get out. What you can’t see in the picture is the truck right beside me. I would have to pull forward far enough to clear his front end with my trailer before I could turn to leave. If the C.R. England truck had at least parked her trailer straight I would have be able to get out.

I nearly made it out of Wyoming, but ended up being held up in traffic because of a truck accident involving a propane tanker pulling double and another truck. A sideswipe had occurred, causing one of the propane tanks to rupture. This of course required a HAZMAT response, which ensured the road would remain closed for many hours.

This Saturday has been a long and tiring one.