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I finally made it home last Saturday. I drove all night and got in at 04:00. Jennifer picked me up at the Freightliner dealership, and we went home to get a couple hours of sleep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. We had to start out early Saturday morning and get the move underway.
We picked up a U-Haul truck and set to work. Jennifer had everything all packed up, so all I had to do was load and unload the truck. The kids came by and helped out also. It took us about half the day to load a 26 foot moving truck, and it was jam packed.


Completely loaded 26 foot U-Haul

Another half day to get it unloaded. When Jennifer got home from work, we started unpacking everything. Let me tell you, that gorgeous lady is amazing. She kept at it for three days, and worked all three days also. I just provided a little muscle, moral support, and did what she told me.The house is basically unpacked, except for the craft/sewing /office room.

I did have a couple little projects to do. I had to cut shelves for two antique pieces Jennifer picked up, and make her a window seat with storage for her LP albums.


Window seat with storage for LP albums

I got it built, but will have to finish sand, stain, and seal it next time I’m home. Jennifer is going to sew a cushion for the seat in her free time. I think it’s important to note that she works seven days a week, so free time isn’t all that free.

Of course there was an arctic cold snap going. Temps were down to -22, just a little brisk. The furnace wasn’t working the day before, but luckily the landlord was able to get it fixed. The the pilot light on the water heater blew out the first night, so we had no hot water the next morning. Just the fun of moving into a new house

Unfortunately, the internet did not get turned on before I left. My service was limited so I wasn’t able to post daily. I’m going to have to figure out what to do about that, because I go to a lot of places that I don’t get service, so no internet. That is obviously going to have an effect on my wanting to post daily.