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I put in for home time about three weeks ago. I was supposed to be home on Wednesday night, the 7th of January. Plans do seem to go awry in this industry. At least as they pertain to our (drivers) wants and desires.

I had a load that delivered in Phoenix on Monday the 5th. It had three drops, beginning at 06:00 and going on until 14:00. The first went smooth as silk, only having to wait an hour for the receiver to open shop. The second one though, was a long, slow wait. Phoenix Sysco, is not a well oiled operation! I was backed into a dock door for six and a half hours. Four of those hours they were actively, however slowly, unloading the trailer. It was only fifteen pallets, but they managed to drag the process our for a considerable time. Then I had to wait for them to count the product! With taking for hours to unload, one would think they would be able to count it as they pulled it off the truck. It’s pretty easy really, count how many levels of cases per pallet, how many cases per level, and multiply. But no, they have to do it separately, and charge me $190.00 to do it.

Finally done, I had just enough time to make my last  appointment with one minute to spare. They, Penguin Cold Storage were great, got me in a dock right away and had me unloaded in less than fifteen minutes.

Here’s the problem. Because Sysco took so long, it burned up much of my fourteen hour clock. You see, I can drive for eleven hours per shift, as long as I do it within fourteen hours. As soon as I start my pre trip inspection, go on duty, that fourteen hour clock starts ticking away the time. Now, because of Sysco, I have only three and a half hours left available to drive. Needless to say, I was unable to get a new load until today.

Here’s the other rub. Home is in the Twin Cities area, 1,800 miles from where I am. In supposed to be home tomorrow night. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Anyway, the company set me up with a swap. I have to pick up my load in Casa Grande, Az. That is supposed to go to Dallas, and take it the opposite direction to meet up with my swap. I sure hope this works out.

Saturday, it was supposed to be Thursday, we’re moving out of the apartment into a house out on the country. Reservations for the rental truck have been moved once, and can’t be moved again. I have to be home by Friday night or really early Saturday morning.

This is probably the one party of being an over the road trucker that really sucks. It’s hard to make plans and stick to them when my time is considered less important than the loads. I will say John Christner Trucking is far better than CR England. At least I am getting home once a month, instead of once every six months.

Wish me luck and fair roads folks.