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As I say farewell to 2014, and welcome a new and optimistically fabulous 2015, I feel a need to make one of those resolution things.  You know, those New Year Resolutions that everyone makes, and very seldom keep.  Only, I want to make this one last, make it real, own it!

20141212_111200On a recent trip home, I found this sign on a door to a restaurant. I couldn’t resist, and snapped a photo of it.  Right now, that sign is making me think of this blog, last year that is.  “On This Site, in 2014, Nothing Happened”!  Well, I want to change that for 2015.  So, I’ve decided to do the Blog 365 challenge.  There was such a challenge, in 2012 but it seems, no such thing exists for 2015, as yet. 

I have found a few links on WordPress’s Daily Post.  They have been hosting a few “classes” for the last year, Blogging 101 and Writing 101.  Of course, they also host 365 Days of Writing Prompts. I’m quite sure I’ll be using many of their prompts, past and future.  I have been receiving email updates with each day’s prompt for over a year now.  I have many saved up for darker times. 

Unfortunately, many events happening in the world around us, are providing fodder for my reasoning to flesh out.  I’m still trying to compile my own thoughts about the Ferguson and New York drama.  There are multifarious and differing planes of perception or perspective to view and hash out.  I started off thinking on one plane, yet as I have read posts by other bloggers; I have been forced to view a variety of mindscapes, from many different vantage points.  One thing is for certain, the topic of prejudice will not be dead for some time to come.

There are many other topics, more closely pertaining to my chosen profession.  The recent re-vamp of the FMCSA regulations pertaining to hours of service  is a particular hot spot for me.  The misleading media coverage pertaining to the rules we have to follow as Commercial Vehicle Operators has been more confusing than the regulations themselves.  There is a bountiful fund of subject matter within these topics alone.

I will make every effort, to write a quality post every day, for the next 364 days.  I have to admit though, I fear there may be more than a few posts of, umm, not such high quality.  Live and learn, write to improve, so on and so forth.  For now, I hope everyone celebrates well, yet not to excess, and wish you all a very happy new year.