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Frequently, I peruse the pages of Freshly Pressed, WordPress’ “best of the press“.  I often find very entertaining, and quite often, thought provoking posts.  It’s also a great place to find new, or even old blogs to follow (for me, that means getting their new posts in my email or feed reader). Along with the large number of blogs already within my feed reader, this provides me with ideas and subject matter to contemplate.

Today I read an article by Such Small Hands, found on Freshly Pressed, New Year: My One Word for 2015, and Why I Can’t Lean 2014 Behind.  I was intrigued by the premise of the the authors thoughts.
In one paragraph, she states

2014 had a life that is both self-contained and part of a larger whole. Entering the New Year doesn’t mean we’ve finished with the old one. We can’t discard it like a worn-out pair of shoes. We carry our past years deep inside our bones. They make up the very DNA of our lives.

Certainly, there is no way, any one of us can completely leave the past behind. Simply because that history is part of the building blocks of  ” who we are “.  The person I have become; was “constructed” by the events in my history, both favorable, and the distasteful.  Without these experiences of our lives, we would never have the opportunity to alter our perspectives and beliefs.

I’m going to join Lily, the author, in not making a series of resolutions that most likely won’t be achieved.  I’ll choose One Word for 2015 that I hope will describe what I wish to be for the future.  Think of it this way, I’m selecting the building blocks for my hopeful futurity.

My One Word, is Cognition, the physiological result of perception, learning, and reasoning.  I feel this one word suits me fairly well right now.  My perceptions and reasoning have changed regularly due to my learning to view events from different approaches and angles.  The differing perspectives of the multitude of bloggers I read is the stimulus behind this altered view of mine.  Because of what I’ve been reading, I find myself looking at events through the eyes of others.  Doing so forces me to alter my understanding of those events based on the differing points of observation.

Perception is comprised of many things, including, environment, social standing, economic position, and so many other points of distinction. Certainly including race, and religion or belief basis.  Learning about these differences in perception will certainly have an effect on my reasoning.

Hopefully, my cognition will allow me to be more accepting and non-judgmental.