Last week is a blur.  One day merging into another, with a few nights thrown in for good measure. 

I have been rolling pretty hard, from one load right on to the next.  Fast paced and tight as can be.  Add in a little inclement weather, and we have a mix for confusion. 

It’s amazing how fast I can lose track of the days.   Never fails, when I end up running these loads that require me to run just as hard as I can.  It means I start early, finish a shift mid afternoon, then have to start out again as soon as my 10 hour break is up.  Basically, that requires waking up about 4 hours earlier each day, until I have trouble discerning night from day.

What this type of schedule really does, is mess up the old body clock.  Sleep becomes a much needed, seldom found, necessity.  I say seldom found because I have to work to convince myself that I should be sleeping in the middle of the day.  By the time my 70 hours duty time was up, I needed about 12 hours consecutive sleep to reset my poor abused body clock.

The miles have been great, but there have been a few days of nasty weather.  I just missed that wild and crazy storm in Arkansas.  Actually, I shouldn’t say missed, because I spent about 20 hours in it.  I started out from a shipper just after the snow began falling.  The roads were treacherous, so I parked for the night.  When I woke up the next morning, accidents were everywhere.  The highway wasn’t jammed up just yet though so I started out.  After running from Pottsville, Ar. to Little Rock, Ar. I got smart and jumped the side roads, heading south.  Breaking out of the adverse weather after about 50 miles, I kept on rolling… Florida here I come.

Now I’m headed back towards the north west.  Tampa Florida to Tacoma Washington.  3000 plus miles in six days.  I’m loving it.

I’ll try to be a little better about posting, but things did get a little crazy last week.