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wolf moon1

Recently I learned that Monday was named for the moon.  Moon Day in other words.  Kind of explains many unusual things that occur on Mondays.

As Outmanned says in her post, “It Might Be Monday If…

Monday literally means “moon day”.  The moon is often associated with transient and mystical powers.  It has the ability to change men to wolves, bend the seas to it’s will, and even send pregnant women into labor, and send otherwise well-behaved children completely feral.  It waxes and wanes as it crosses the sky, night after night, giving people on Earth the impression that it is capricious and fickle.  Some nights it shines down on us so brightly that the stars fade.  Other nights it refuses to come out at all, throwing the earth into total darkness.  So it’s not surprising that the day named for this mischievous orb would wreak such havoc on mortal beings such as ourselves.

Granted this Monday was nowhere near a full moon, yet strange and mysterious happenings do abound.  Is it simply the mythical, dubious powers this first day of the week portend, or is there truly a basis to humanities fear of one solitary day?  I have no idea, but seeing as how Monday has no real significance to me, I work every day, 7 days a week, why should it have any effect what so ever on me? 

This morning started out normal enough, if there is such a thing.  I was to deliver my load in Centrailia , Wa. at 10:00 am.  I was parked a mere 13 miles away, had 4.25 hours left on my 70 hour clock.  Should not be a problem right.  Because I won’t start getting hours back until midnight, I had set my “PTA”, (Projected Time Available) for 02:00 on Tuesday.  That basically means I told the company I would be ready for a reload at 02:00 the next day.  Ever vigilant in it’s desire to keep me rolling, they gave me a pre-plan for a load that was supposed to pick up in Prosser, Wa. at 15:30. In theory, no real problem… in theory I say!  199 miles to Prosser, and probably about 3.5 hours to do it.  That gave me about 45 minutes duty time to make my delivery and get rolling.

Anyway, I start out with my 15 minutes on duty pre trip and fuel.  Once I start driving, all havoc seems to break loose.  What should have taken me only 15 minutes or so to drive, ended up taking me 35.  Who would have thought there would be rush hour traffic at 9:00 AM well outside any major metropolis.  Then you add in the 15 minutes to check in at the receiver, and that only leaves me 3 hours to run 200 miles.  This is completely possible as long as all conditions are absolutely perfect.  After being released by the receiver, I start out.  The most direct route is US-12 over White Pass.  When I took the exit for said highway, there is a large electronic sign stating the pass is closed due to avalanche work.  Here we go, delay, delay, delay.  Not to mention I now have to go about 80 miles farther to get around it.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to Prosser by 15:30, or at all, even.  Here I sit, one hour left on my clock, 180 miles left to go.  My Monday has gone to the dogs!  Perhaps they’ll be howling at the moon tonight.  At least I don’t have all the extra problems to deal with, like kids, or any of the other stuff one might find at Outmanned.