Crisp morning mountain air, squired by dew, a heavy, thick nebula.  The grasses green, rich, thick as can be.  The sense of spring enhanced by sprouting leaves on moss coverer tree limbs. Welcome sights in the Oregon mountains, that comfort my thoughts.

Into this morning mountain mist I drive, amazed that no snow at all was visible.  So many parts of this country, so many stages of seasons.  Here I know winter is well upon us, although, not a single indication to be found.  Yet out east and mid west, snow covered roads along with artic temperatures flourish.  Just to the south, large portions of California founder in drought like conditions. 

Variety in scenery is an intriguing profit of my chosen profession.  One of the very reasons I love the work I do so much.  Different horizons, changing dawns and altering eventide, are simple pleasures I cherish intensely.