“Cold weather acclimatization” huh! Well that explains why I’m a cold weather wimp this long and freezing winter. I used to live at 10,000 feet, in the Colorado mountains, and survived many long winters of deep negative temps. Then like a fool, I move to Texas for 10 years and wam bam, wimpified.

Minnesota Wonderer

Minnesotans are tougher.

My father, who has lived in north central Minnesota for all of his nearly 71 years, has said this many times, and I have always scoffed. “Tougher, maybe,” I’d think. “Or maybe just dumber.”

In particular, I’ve thought this many times since I’ve become a Minnesota transplant. Winters in northern Illinois are not as bad as the ones I experienced in my youth in a part of Minnesota that’s closer to North Dakota and Canada than it is to Iowa or Wisconsin.

But it turns out Dad is right. Lifelong Minnesotans are tougher.

The concept is called “cold weather acclimatization,” and G. Edgar Folk Jr. talked  in Saturday’s Chicago Tribune about how 20 degrees doesn’t feel as bad in February (after months of cold weather) as it does in November. Folk is a professor emeritus of physiology at the University of Iowa, another place where winter is…

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