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2014-02-10 18.15.54

I have been hitting my feed reader pretty hard lately.  I’m loving WordPress’s reader.  My Google Reader was “absorbed into the WordPress one not too long ago.  All of those blogs I used to read, seemingly eons ago, along with the new finds of recent browsing, all collected in one easy to manage place. 

Why you might ask, am I spending so much time in the reader?  It’s simple really, I get the post title, a visual, and a short synopsis of blog posts.  I have to admit, if the post title doesn’t catch my attention, I probably won’t read farther.  However, if there’s enough “Color” in the title, your just about guaranteed a visit to the page.  I know, sounds terrible huh!  Here I am judging a post by it’s title.  To be fair, to me, I follow a lot of blogs.  I really don’t have any idea the actual count of active feeds, but I would guess well over a few hundred. 

The blogs that post daily, or multiple times a day, of course get seen first.  Sometimes it takes a little while to work through all of them and find those who post twice a week or weekly.  So if I’ve missed your blog recently, I’m sorry, post more frequently.  Okay, that was un-called for, I “know” how hard it is to post on a daily basis.  I have not done so well with that in the past myself either.

Here is what I do! As I scroll down the reader, and a title or picture catches my fancy, I click on it to open it in another window.  Then I keep scrolling, scan the titles, synopsis, pictures, click, repeat.  Before I know it, I’ll have 40+ blogs open in my browser.  At some point I have to stop browsing, and start reading, so I go to the first one and start there.  Generally, I’ll at least like the post, unless it’s a huge let down, often I’ll comment, and many times here recently, I re-blog to share my find with everyone.

Why do I go through all of this trouble you ask?  Simple, I love to read other blogs, and get ideas for my own posts.  It’s very relaxing to me to go through and see what everyone else is writing about.  At the same time, you all are giving me inspiration to write a piece of my own.  I suppose you could say that all of my fellow bloggers are keeping me writing, so thank you.

What’s the moral of this story?  Keep writing and write often. I need all the inspiration I can get.  Also, PUT SOME COLOR IN YOUR TITLE! It’s like seeing a sunrise over the horizon, keeps me rolling down the highway.