I know the feeling, searching for a style, is seemingly never ending.

S. Laura Artworks

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What’s the deal with this thing called art? What is it, actually? What are the rules that define it? So many questions, just to figure out that art is actually what you do and what defines you as a person. This is what it’s all about: freedom, the ability to do what you want, how you want to, when you want to. I believe that art is the best therapist, because it allows you to discard all the petty frustrations and regrets until you find yourself.

I, for instance, have been struggling for some time to find a style, knowing very well that it’s a lengthy process. My desire to leave my mark upon this world is insatiable, yet it’s not related to fame or money, but finding certain answers: What am I? What is art? Answers which, if I think about it, are really simple. Art can’t be learned…

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