Old TruckTime before technology confused life, complicating existence.  When people, and seemingly time itself, moved at a slower pace.  Moments lasted longer than minutes.

Image credits, Ultralost on tumbler a dead link, Found on Pinterest

This picture made me pause, look, appreciate, and dream.  Amazing how a simple photograph can do that.  It makes me think of times long past when life was simpler, however far more physical.  Time moved slower back then.  A person had the time to stop and smell the roses or rain. 

Technology has made life easier.  We can find information incredibly fast and simply.  However, have we lost something along the way?  There is substance in the effort of searching, gaining knowledge, learning.  Faster is not always better, quite often it’s detrimental in many ways.

Do I think we should go back to those times, no!  Yet we should not forget to take those extra miniscule minutes, and appreciate moments that may never come again.  Just stop, take a breath, inhale life, enjoy the scenery, then you can go about your speedy way.