Every truck on the road has a temperament, charisma, identity .  It’s like dogs or cats, you can have many of the same breed, but each individual animal has a unique personality. 

My last truck, was Baby Girl.  I’m not even sure where the name came from.  I suppose one of my students gave it to her, but it stuck.  It’s just like my GPS, she has an identity, I call her Tinker Bell.  Not because she’s magic, simply because sometimes I just want to “tink her bell”.  Baby Girl had a line recognition system that beeped annoyingly every time you got too close to either line, sometimes for no reason at all.  I called the Mobil Eye system Dink, because I thought it was a stupid name for an idiotic piece of technology.  The QualComm had a name too, Link, because it was my link to the company.  So when I was driving Baby Girl, I always had the unappreciated welcome company of Tink, Dink, and Link.

Now, I find myself stymied.  This new beauty of a truck is the same make and model as Baby Girl, yet so very different.  She has a unique personality, and a few toys and goodies of her own.  I’ve been trying to come up with a good name for her, and just can’t seem to grab hold of any.  She rides smoother, yet is a tad bit more of a lane wanderer.  She will take much better care of me because of those gadgets and goodies she has mounted to her, yet she seems to need a little more of a gentle touch from me too.  I started to think of her as Desiree, but it just doesn’t feel right. 

I thought perhaps I could ask for suggestions. 

So far she is faithful and dependable, yet has a tendency to be a tad dramatic and needy at times.  She is sleek, curvy, pretty in her own way, yet fairly chaste and blunt, a country girl at heart for sure.  I’m not getting the feel of a southern bell, more of a hard working, farm girl from the mid west.  I think she likes the simpler things, stuff that will help her do the chores of taking care of me. I don’t think she has an appreciation for the flashy things like lots of chrome and lights.  She has a linear detection system too, but it’s far more subtle and discrete.  One of her best features is the Tri-Pac, APU (Alternate Power Unit) so I don’t have to idle.  I like to think she is all about providing for my comfort, and of course getting our job done and the freight where it’s supposed to be.

If you have any ideas, leave me a comment