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I love it when I have one of those light bulb moments.  You know when all the sudden you realize something that should have been pretty damn obvious to begin with.  “Time is a precious and highly perishable commodity, make the most of it.” Eric Schweer, today Feb 1, 2014 DUH!  One would think this should be self evident, yet, here I am after 3 years just realizing this. 

Well, let me put that into context.  First off, I really always knew this little tidbit, yet I feel as if I have just wasted three years.  After starting a new job with John Christner Trucking, I have realized that I was not making the best use of my time with C.R. England.

It’s like two totally different companies.  JCT, is upfront and so far from what I can see honest about all their programs.  They seem to be here to help their contractors succeed.  The tools available through them are plentiful, and seem to be very helpful.  The people are eager to show you, and help you work through the process and continue.  They even have a “Retention Department”!  How about that, a company truly interested in keeping their contractors happy and working.

After working three years under a the completely opposite system on just about every point, I feel relieved.