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Sunrise, to me, is a fresh new start.  Fresh clear canvas, a clean slate, hope, and potential.  Not to mention the beauty and warmth of a spectacular exhibition of color.  There is something invigorating at welcoming a new day. 

I’m at the dusk of one adventure, and looking forward to the dawning of a brand new one.  The anticipation, and to be honest, a tad bit of anxiety is a little interesting.  I feel like I’m being pulled in a couple different directions.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to be starting out fresh again.  There is considerable amount of uncertainty that goes along with it though. 

I found an article on Belle Of The Carnival’s Blog that made me feel a little better. Here is a quote that piece, but in by all means, go read the original, The Warmth Of A Sunrise.

Sometimes life brings chaos but with it moments of clarity. It teaches us to grow, not make the same mistake twice, and keep moving forward to reach our goals. I hope in the coming weeks as many of you face the wrath of the White Witch  that you all find a morsel of warm sunshine to brighten your day.