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Time to start a new chapter in my life once again.  My horizons are looking bright and colorful, at least in my view.  New starts, it seems are the way of my life these days.  I’m felling very good about this one, and feel very renewed.

Monday I will turn my truck in to C. R. England, completing my 37 month lease term.  Being as they have back tracked on my being able purchase it, I feel it’s time to move on.  Over the past few weeks I have been filling out a number of applications on-line.  Today, I heard from the company I was really interested in.  They have a very solid lease program, and best of all, upon completion all I have to do is pay them $1.00 and the truck will be mine. 

Monday will be the end of one very long and grueling chapter, and the start of the next, hopefully productive and profitable.  After turning in the truck, I will catch a bus to Tulsa Oklahoma and begin orientation with John Christner Trucking.  Two days of orientation, physical, road test, all the standard happenings for a driving position. Once all the administrative and paperwork items are handled, I get my truck and hit the road.

All of the uncertainty of the past couple weeks, is now gone.  I have a direction, a path… a job.  The future is looking up indeed. I’ll still be running the lower 48, so I will get to see all the things I’ve come to appreciate.  From everything I have seen, I’ll also be making some money for a change, instead of fighting to stay out of the hole.  It’s funny that when one door closes, another opens to reveal a new opportunity.

My thoughts are all scattered right now, contemplating the directions this new chapter will take me.  So I’ll leave this post as is, and dream of all the potential on the horizons ahead of me.