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mirror-reflection-artesoteric-christianity--april-2009-fkum2s7hThere are always those days when inspiration simply eludes.  Hiding somewhere in the dark recesses of my cobbled mind.  Usually I can manage to get a few ideas by perusing some of my favorite blogs.  This does not always work though, like today… I was imply unable to segregate singular ideas, they all (more than I care to count sometimes) seemed to be wanting their individual moments of fame.  Being as though I am trying to maintain a daily post, I will resort to another tactic.  One I have used before. 

The Daily Post @ WordPress.com has a tag called Daily Prompt.  Many of them are thought inspiring.  Wednesday’s was a good one, Mirror, Mirror… Look in the mirror, what do you see reflected?  I’ll get to that in a moment.  I must credit the image first.  I did a simple Google image search for “mirror”.  You would be amazed at the plethora of mirror image art and photos that come up.  This particular artwork jumped right out at me.  I have been informed it is by the artist, M. C. Escher.  If you click on the picture itself, the link will take you to the site where it can be downloaded for use as a wallpaper or desktop.  

Now then, lets get right down to business.  What exactly do I see in the mirror each morning.  Well, I could cheat and say the road already traveled, often a setting or rising sun, moon, or horizons long crossed.  Of course that would be talking about the mirror on my truck, one I’m constantly checking, not the one intentioned by the Daily Prompt. 

Now the mirror on the bathroom wall, is quite another creature all together.  This reflection seems to be constantly changing as well, much like the scenery I see in the mirrors of the truck.  The picture I view each day, is varied simply by my mood or quality of life at that particular moment.  There are days it appears to be a time machine, sometimes making me younger, often altering and adding age to my appearance.  The key to my mirror, is to look into the eyes.  When I can see the spark of life, laughter, and love, they are the most intriguing blue.  Of course there are the days when I have difficulty finding that spark.  Those eyes are tired, fading, cloaked and folded in wrinkles.  The eye’s are of course a window to the soul and spirit.

Overall, I see a generally decent man.  One of basic morals, instilled by loving parents.  A man who values work, effort, and honesty, while hopefully  promoting and pursuing the same.  Time has been fairly kind to me, but has left its marks.  The wrinkle or as I prefer to think of them, character lines on my face are plentiful.  What hair is left, is tinged silver grey, with a caramel glint.  I don’t think of my face as emotic, more so stoic I believe, but there are those who would disagree.

It would be nice to find that mirror that is a portrait to the future.  One that can foretell and forewarn of impending events.  I’m pretty sure that mirror does not exist though. If by chance you happen across one, please let me know.

How about you, the reflection in your mirror shows what?