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Today, may have been the first time I have ever driven I-8 Through Arizona in the daylight.  I have been across here numerous times at night.  This morning though, was the first time I saw the dragons sleeping and wondered what they were dreaming.

South Western Arizona, is one of those areas that is very mystical, especially at night with a full moon.  During the daytime though, it’s a slightly different story.  I was surprised to find myself appreciating the simplicity of the area.  I want to say beauty, but I’m sorry, that word just doesn’t fit here.  There is a grace and elegance to the terrain, along with a bit of ruggedness, and lots of barrenness.  The sky is wide open, and today was as blue as can be with lacy, net like, clouds reflecting the suns rays.  Probably what stands out to me the most, is the colors.  So very subdued and earthy, yet strangely vibrant and different in their own way. 

I’m sure, no one is surprised when I say the 20140122_130642geological features I appreciate the most, are…  You guessed it, The mountains, if you can call them that, I would say hills.  They are a sign of significant upheaval, either volcanically or seismically, probably both.  I’m going to lean towards volcanic, simply because of the stone and rock in the area have a lava or malpais appearance.  They are a very rugged looking bunch of hills. 

I jokingly thought of them as razor back, or saw tooth ridges, similar to the dinosaurs spines.  Suddenly, I realized what they made me think of.  If you look at them closely, you can see they are simply a family of sleeping dragons.  There are several hills in one area, that each have a body, tail, neck, and head.  Positioned in all different directions and poses.  On a night with a full blood moon, or like last week, a Wolf Moon, these sleeping dragons are really impressive.  Especially when the moon is rising or setting behind them, distinctly outlining the ragged nature of their ridges.  Of course for the most astounding views, they must be view on the blackest of all nights, with a calamitous lightening storm illuminating the dragon’s backs.


One final climb over a slight ridgeback, and I dropped down into Yuma Arizona.  We run a lot of loads out of here, cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage.  Today though, I’m just passing through.  Headed on into Escondido, Ca.  From there who knows… But I certainly hope it’s towards Salt Lake City.  I need to get this truck turned in, and move on with my life.  I am still very disappointed with the outcome of the past three plus years, job wise that is. 

Pleasant roads all, I’ll catch you on the flip side.