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full Moon

Last night was one of those times I both love and hate.  Night driving is no longer my favorite, but there are the few occasions that require it.  The load I picked up in Fort Worth didn’t finish loading until Just before 01:00.  Seeing as how it was due in Colorado and Wyoming in two days; left me with no other option than to drive nights.

It was a gorgeous winter night, minus the snow, after all I was in Texas. Skies were clear, chilly, and the stars were in full bloom.  The moon was up and nearly full, shinning in all silvery and grey.  There is very little, more amazing than a clear night sky with absolutely no man made light.  As I drove through the The monotonous flatlands of the Texas Prairie, the moons nectar shone gloriously, illuminating an interesting tapestry.  Grassy fields undulated under a light breeze, glowing strangle pale in the silky moonlight.  Her celestial glow altered monotony, transforming it into a stunning monochromatic vision.  Trees, left dormant and stripped bare after autumns grand colors; stretched their naked limbs, like bones fingers, skyward.  Tree wraiths seemed as if they were beseeching mother moon; desperate for wisdom, or perhaps consolation, warmth, compassion.  Shadows of ghostly trees limbs, streaking eerily, almost nightmarishly across the turf and macadam.  The haunting spirits were definitely out last night, and making themselves felt.

Highways, devoid of traffic, lacking life, company, companionship.  It was such a solitary night. Oddly, one in which I felt revived of spirit. Strange that it should be like that. I do seem to thrive in my solace at times.  I had a feeling of aloneness, almost abandonment, and was only slightly uncomfortable with that. 

When it’s dark, there is a completely different feeling than that of a silvern moonlit night.  I suppose it has something to do with the fact of clarity.  My view was so clearly illuminated. I could see there was not  another soul around.  Funny; I didn’t see, even one four legged creature.  I imagine that simply added to the witching feel of this night.  Had spells been cast, effecting all but me?  Perhaps an entity had enveloped all within my realm, leaving me to marooned and alone. 

Like I said, it was an unusual night. One in which, I was nearly relieved to see the moon creeping towards the horizon.  The moonlit black tapestry of the night sky changing slowly to silver, grey, light blue.  A fabulous full winter moon edging behind the hills, seeking its own shelter for the day as the opposite horizon began to light with fiery colors.  My nocturnal guardian, changing posts, sharing its responsibility with a magnificent morning sun.

My good night is said in daylight, even though this post will not publish until well after darkness settles in, welcoming mistress moon once again.  Sweet dreams all, evil laughter fades ominously into the distance.