I have a few short days to make some major decisions. My lease with C. R. England is officially over very soon. Originally I had planned on buying out my truck, however things have changed. The company now says they won’t finance my truck because it has too high of millage. Because of this, I can’t use all the rewards I worked so hard to earn. That means the extra money for the down payment is not available to me. Options are not in my favor for this route.

I am checking into other companies, many of them. I’m still looking at lease programs, but with a freshly “educated” eye. I am also checking into many company driver positions. I have to decide exactly what direction I want to go. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to each. These past couple weeks I have been immersed in research and applications on line, not to mention considerable time on the phone.

One of my primary issues is home time. The difficulty is, if I’m home, obviously I’m not making any money. However, I now have a very gorgeous and generous reason to want to be home. Needless to say, Jennifer’s option will play a major part in any decisions I make. It is sometimes hard, two loves, one more important and practical, yet the other a long held dream.

I’ll keep you all informed as Best I can.

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