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My journeys of late have been silent, and I apologize for that. I do believe it’s time to come out of the shadows and into the morning dawn once more.

Many things have changed for me in the past half year. For those who weren’t aware, I am divorced now, and happily so. This was of my own choice, and truly a long time in the making. Life is far too short to be miserable and terminally unhappy. I know most would have never guessed at the extent of my previous unhappiness. I had worn a mask for far to long now. I do believe it’s time to remove the dammed thing and toss it off to those who made it necessary.

I am in a truly happy relationship now, one I have hinted to in the past. It’s an amazing feeling to discover there is that one person who completes me. The half of me that has been missing for so very long, I nearly became accustomed to the feeling of being fragmentary. The amazing part is, that I have known this person for many years, since childhood even. We simply lost contact long ago, and drifted far apart.

I am truly amazed at how much one person can brighten my days, and fill my dreams. My life right now is one big question, yet she sticks with me. I love that I can talk to her and explain all the choices spread before me. She listens, gives Love and advice, but most of all she offers support without condemnation.

There are many aspects of life that will be changing, possibly in a big way, in the near future. I know that she will be there for me, and we’ll make all the decisions together as a couple.

I’ll try to keep everyone informed as to what’s going to happen. My lease with C. R. England is about to be completed, and choices will be made. I’m not sure where I’ll be even in a month, but I know I can survive with her love supporting me.

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