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My niece, Kendra, who graduated high school last week is riding with me for a little while this summer. I had promised to take her out on the road some time ago. This seemed like the perfect opportunity, a reward for a job well done if you will. I’m very proud of her. Not only has she surpassed the first hurdle of graduation, but she plans to join the military as a starting point for her adult life.

The first load we had, relegated me to running dusk to dawn, not my favorite any longer. Kendra was a real trooper, and hung in there with me for two nights of hard running. Unfortunately she didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked, but the night does have its own unique sights.

We are preparing now for our next load. We will be running early mornings, and on through mid day, for at least three days. We are headed west to El Monte, CA. Running the I-10 all the way. So her first daylight views of our country will be a desert landscape.

Mr. Peanut is quite happy with my new passenger. He seems to have adopted a new perch, right in the middle of her lap.

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