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Image0077Wheels of thought… rolling; constantly in motion, even when the physical reality is decidedly immobile.  My imagination is still moving, not just forward or back, but in all directions, sometimes all at once.  Ideas glimpsed, grasped at, sometimes snared and wrestled into some vague form of reality.  Of course my reality may be nothing more than a script of fiction scratched out on a single page. The difficulty comes when I try to find a home for all these dreams, thoughts, and ideas… Especially those I fail to capture immediately and completely.

One thing being a truck driver gives you, is time; Copious amounts of time for thought.  I had considered making another blog for my wild imaginings,yet another for a particular story line that continues to flow.  Ideas have flowed freely, even frequently.  Dreams of blog designs, banners, background, and even story lines.

Ah but that route is a familiar one indeed.  I have been there before, multiple blogs. Each originally created for a specific line of thinking or subject mater.  Work is what becomes of my entertainment at that instance. Continually feeling pressed, by myself assuredly, to keep up with each.  The act itself stealing the pleasure I find in writing.

The obvious answer to my dilemma, sits before me as I write, and before my readers as they consume my irrationality.  I have a blog already constructed, albeit basic in design and scope.  Why not expand, perhaps even improve a little, on that which already exists.  I will be working on Wandering Gypsy Spirit over the next few weeks, changing, molding it into something a little different.  The scope will become, certainly more open, allowing a wider range of topic, including a spattering of fiction every once in a while.

Expect to see some Changes here and there.  I’ll be updating the about page, and perhaps even adding a little personality to the physical design.  I was very good with Blogger, but WordPress is just a little more technical and maybe too costly to do some of the changes I would like. I know the more I play with it, the more confidant I’ll become, and with that; adventurous.

In the mean time, expect to see a more frequent posting schedule.  The topics will be wide ranging and varied.  Know one thing, I do not blog for profit.  I will not be adding advertisements or those screwy keywords that take you magically to some online gambling site.

Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths!
                            Joseph Campbell