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Silently demanding, whispered desires, melodiously carried on the breeze. The solitude, so valued, seemingly exotic and intoxicating, is just over the horizon.

My days as a trainer are nearing an inevitable conclusion. I have resigned my status as mentor, in favor of a peaceful isolation. My last apprentice will be getting off the truck tomorrow to continue his journey with another.

After running solo just over a month, I had taken on another student. Reality though, has reared up to present obstacles of a unique manufacture. After the previous three students, each a provocation in their own challenges to me. Three times, separate and individual, my life has passed before my eyes. Three distinct ”roll over risks” have rendered me ineffective as a trainer.

I now find it impossible to sleep anytime a student, or anyone else for that matter, is driving. This presents a serious issue when my own drive shift comes around. Since this also negates the financial incentives to training, I decided that I shall operate solo from here on out. I cannot afford to pay a student and run more like a solo, stopping each night for sleep.

I know this means a tightening of the belt, and perhaps a few hungry days or nights. Yet my personal sense of self preservation is rejoicing with untempered satisfaction. I would rather be slightly starved from time to time, and remain in one piece, rather than suffering the obvious potential injuries.