The road is my home. Long stretches of swarthy oiled macadam, unfolding to the horizons. My boundaries change daily, even hourly. This is one of the many reasons I love my job. The challenge of being in a new location day by day, is also one of the grandest of rewards.

Whether the horizon is that of the praries, deserts, mountains, or oceans… is of no real distinction. Each one has an allurement unique unto itself. Being privileged to view, touch upon, perhaps even owe alliegence to unmistakable beauty. This is my constancy, my communion, my temerity. The open road leading towards an uncertain future just over the next visage.

I take strength in the unhurried yet deliberate rising of a morning sun. The obscurity of a moonless night giving way to the dawning brilliance of yet another new day. A tenebrous sky evolving ever so slowly through all the shades of grey to startling azure, set ablaze with a kaleidoscope of golden saffron, orange, and firey magenta. A promise of nothing more than a simple continuation of existence.

Choice… free will… takes care of the rest. Perspectives change with the purview.