A few weeks back, WordPress’s Daily Prompt was a simple question. ”Find the nearest window. Look outside. What is the most interesting thing you see? What is the least interesting thing? If you don’t have a window, close your eyes and imagine one: what do you see when you look through it? ” Sounds simple enough right, or perhaps not… Either way, a very  intriguing query.

When I first read the post, I happened to be standing in front of a large window, looking out over a snow covered field, surrounded by a stand of skeletonized trees. My first impulse was to sit down a write an article describing, in painful detail, exactly what I saw out that window. The crystalline perfection and purity of a fresh white blanket of snow, obscuring all… including any possible imperfections. Dormant trees, in their skeletal simplicity, guardians of sort. Sunlight, glaringly bright, reflecting off the icy surface. I still have that draft saved on my phone.

Today however, as I was driving into the sunset I was struck with an epiphany. What I see out My Window is an open road, leading to a startlingly beautiful sunset. A paved roadway, certainly a prepared path of sorts, yet one that has intersections, branches and possibly even some detours. A path requiring decisions… Choices of fate even. Something that provides me a sense of comfort, somehow soothing in itself. A promise of an ending, leading to a new beginning.

For every sunset, the dawning of the next holds a new and promising sunrise.