The white owl, astute and contemplative, in the ways of the world… Native American culture relates him or her, to be a spirit guide who appears when some change is needed in one’s life. I have my own vision of the Grand White Owl. His intuitive perception has been guiding me now for a few months. All people initiate change in their own life to alter, or perhaps correct a portion of their existence that has been unsettling or unbalanced for some time. Change is not entered into without serious contemplation. For myself, it has been building for a few years. The future can never be known or at least should not ever be known. I do know that with the support of those truly close to me, my own future will be far more appealing to me. Change is never easy, and can quite often be painful, or cause deep torment. It was never my intention to hurt anyone, yet this particular form of change leaves no opportunity to avoid it. It is now time for me to move forward with my life. Building on my dreams that some have never been able to see or even grasp. Surrounding myself with the support of those who do see and even encourage my dreams. I know this post may be a little vague, but enlightenment will come at a more appropriate time, not too far into the future. Bear with me, and I will loosen my tongue. For the time being, I hope to begin posting more regularly now.