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2013 started without me. I woke to find I had missed the moment completely. So many neglected moments, passing without the notice or even an acknowledgement from me. A moment of such significance, and here I am, sleeping through it. I had planned to be awake at the very moment and sharing it with someone very special, albeit, telephonicaly. Yet, there I slept cozied up in my little world, completely disregarding everything else.

The best part about a New Year, is the idea of a fresh start. We can start the new year out with a clean slate if you will. It is a time for resolutions, a commitment to change something in life that may not be working. This year, I am going to be resolute about my resolutions. Some of my changes have already started, seen progress and some disappointment. Many are in the works, waiting for the right moment to start the ball rolling.

One of the things that I have already started, is a renewed effort to become more healthy. This includes my quiting the dam cigarettes. I know many of you that have followed my old blogs, (on that other bogging platform) might remember a similar effort not that long ago. This time around, I have many, far better reasons, and a wonderfully improved support system. The funny thing is, my smart phone is going to help also. Believe it or not, ”they have an app for that”. I downloaded and installed Quit Now, and am using it to help. It really is just another support system, but has some additional value. It helps you track yor progress, and even gives you updated statistics that results from said progress. I am willing to take all the help I can get, because this is not easy. Like I said, I am making progress, but there have been disappointments. It is a slippery slope, I just have to keep moving forward, and avoid sliding back.

Another thing I plan on doing, is taking a more proactive, business approach to my job. I am an independent contractor, so it is a business after all. I am building a database to track just about every expense you can imagine. Hopefully it will help make improvements where I can, like fuel milage. There are a lot of little expenses that I may be able to cut back on or figure a way to combine with others to reduce my costs. The more complete picture I develope, the more accurate plan I can create.

There are other changes I plan, but will have to wait to share those. For the time being, I am looking forward to 2013. I have high hopes for profitable and productive year. Besides, there are many miles to go, places to see, people to meet. Not to mention all of the new sunrises I get to see just over the next horizon.

”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt