Seasons Blur
Seasons II (Image credit: Madonna)


Miles pass, minute by hour, day by week.
Blurring like telegraph poles, fences posts, delineators.
Time passes quickly, fading day to night, fast and sleek.
Town, city, burg, village, state all deliquesce.

Border to border, state by state, coast to coast.
Mountains, prairies , lakes, valleys and rivers.
Blur and meld, each area a seasons host.
Regional intervals of equinoxes quiver.

Changing with a progression,
the seasons melt and coalesce,
each mile an evolution.
Days merge… lasting weeks, months.

Life on the road, is but a conglomeration,
season, miles, days… all lost in one.

“I say this because there is an uneasiness in things just now. Waiting for something to be over before you are forced to notice it. The pollarded trees scarcely bucking the wind and yet it’s keen, it make you fall over. Clabbered sky. Seasons that pass with a rush.”

John Ashbery

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