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20121220_073644While Shimmering Grains was Walking in Winter Wonderland, I was driving in one.  However, her photography is far superior to mine! 

I started my day before dawns early light, from Spokane, Wa. Heading east, I came to 4th of July Pass first, concerned because I had heard rumors about the chain law being in effect. However, made it over without having to chain up because the chain requirement had just been lifted.  After that it was smooth sailing until I came to Lookout Mountain, the border between Idaho and Montana. 

20121220_073511The snow had fallen heavily overnight, and was continuing lightly.  I love the look of Pine trees laden heavily with fresh white snows.  Burdened by the moisture that sustains them in spring. 

As the morning dawned, the sky quickly began to clear and turn a fabulous shade of blue, with small billowy clouds.  I am always amazed at the depth of color in the Montana skies. Whether it’s a sunrise or a simple clear day the colors are always so very intense.  Of course the purity of freshly fallen snow may have added a little to that effect.


After a short period, we had to stop for a quick facility break.  To give you an idea of the amount of snow that had fallen, I took this picture.  It is the entryway to the restrooms.  Poor little Peanut was not particularly happy with me in this choice of location.  It’s pretty hard for a 3 pound 4 ounce Chihuahua to navigate in deep snow.  I find it very comical though, because I always have to clear the snow out for him to walk around.  He’s so short, he’d get lost in a minute.

20121220_135024Soon, it was time to continue on.  Before long we had driven out of the snowy mountains.  Entering an area more like South Park where I grew up.  Wide open parries surrounded by mountain ranges all around. The coloration of the sky was breathtaking.  Light sky blue in the distance, darkening to a deep azure blue right above us. 

The Montana and Dakota areas are some great places to drive through.  It was a nice change after the frequency of runs along I-80 I deal with.