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I do like the South Central part of Washington, Yakima Co. Area. I feel right at home with the Mountains and Pine Trees. The other day was even more like home, with a steady snowfall and considerable wind. Much more snow was to fall before the day was done.


Funny how winter weather conditions in the right setting can be strangely comforting. I suppose it comes from being raised in the mountains of Colorado. Growing up, we had a saying about South Park winters. ”There are nine months of Winter, three months of Fall, a breath of Spring, and no Sumer at all”.

I did enjoy the drive, as it allowed me to get off the freeways, and experience a little more closely, the terrain I drove through. Many times I like to hit the side roads and short cuts. So many of them end up taking a little longer because of the slower speed limits, but it is so much more enjoyable. I do love the personality of Mountains.