Wind Farms

Wind Farms (Photo credit: colinaut)

They are popping up everywhere, reproducing like rabbits, hogs, or something.  Windmills, the three armed, stout, stoic stanchions that dot the landscape in nearly every state.  Stalwart, boring, absolutely no personality at all.  There are times I find them very disturbing.  They are there, milking the wind of it’s essence to generate power.  The whole purpose of course is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, an admirable endeavor indeed.  But the molestation of the natural horizons is becoming a serious vexation for me. 

20121218_080905Seemingly, not a day nor mile goes by that I don’t have a vetted view of one or another legion of them in regimental formation.  They form lines of assault, ready at a moments notice to flank an invisible enemy.  They take and hold any and all high ground.  Obviously well versed in military tactics.  Slowly they enlist more and more conscripts to their ranks, filling voids in the defensive perimeters.  Truly it feels like a slow temperate invasion.  There are even rumors of plans to develop a naval element, off the coast of North Carolina, to augment the land forces already occupying our lands.

Perhaps we should consider some for of population control on these beasts.  If not, before long they will have us completely surrounded, ready to dictate, rule, dominate.

This post is simply an attempt to infuse just a little humor in something I believe we will deal with for at least the remainder of my life.  I do know and understand the need for development of renewable energy sources.  Our reliance on fossil fuels is something that has been a thorn in our economic side for quite some time now.  I just wish we could come up with something that does not MAR the view.