Sun Fountain

Sun Fountain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Todays Daily Prompt by WordPress, is an intriguing question and quite similar to one I contemplated elsewhere (That other Blogging Platform).  I have to admit I am enjoying some of the prompts, and they do encourage me to evaluate ideals I had never really considered before.

The Fountain Of Youth has been found, and is within easy reach!! Would you drink of the water, craving that everlasting youthfulness… or forgo youthful immortality to live out the life set before you?  Careful… meditation needs to be undertaken here; no quick and easy answer for this one. One must remember there are consequences for all actions.  The temptation would certainly be strong, but what exactly could you be giving up by partaking of the fabled water?

Would I like to feel the vigor and strength of youth again?  There are times I do feel very much like a teenager.  Would I want to feel like that for eternity, I have to say I don’t think so.  There is a certain satisfaction in the slow growth to a definite, if unsure end.  I can tell you that I would not for any reason want to remain young to watch those I love and care for grow old without me.  Ultimately I can imagine it would be a miserably lonely life of longevity. 

I then have to ask myself what I would be changing about my existence. If a little change in one place and time will have a refractured alteration on another plane. I know, I know; now I’m sounding like Spock contemplating the effects of change within the space time continuum.  I can’t help myself though.  I think of it like that other question I mentioned earlier. “If you could go back and  change one aspect of your life, would you”?  Here is the problem with that!  You go back and change that one little thing that has been bothering you.  You will never meet the people you did because of that “incident” and perhaps not learn something valuable.  The cascading effects are countless, and potentially never ending.  So much can change when we tamper with our past.

Now your asking “what does that have to do with drinking from the fountain of youth? Your not changing anything about your PAST!”  You are right, there would be no change to your past, but there certainly would be a change to you.  People would look at you differently, probably change the way they value your opinions. Most likely, your friends would start distancing themselves, feeling uncomfortable around you, perhaps even jealous.  You would find yourself looking at the daily decisions of life very differently.  Your basic values would change because you lose a certain amount of “concern” for the consequences.  I can’t help but think there would be a lot of changes that would effect your quality of life, and certainly the quality of any future endeavor, friendships, or relationships.

The most devastating result I can think of would be to watch the woman I love grow old and die without me.  To lose that most rewarding of adventure in life would be unbearable to me.  I do look forward to growing old with her, sharing special moments, places and events.  Aging is not necessarily always graceful, but can definitely be pleasing and rewarding in many ways.

I must decline the offer of immortal youth, thank you for offering.