I love my job! Very seldom do you hear of someone saying they wish their work day would not end.  It’s probably a good thing I have to abide by FMCSR hours of service regulations, or I may never stop driving.  There is something magical about navigating this beautiful nations roadways in an 18 wheeler.  There are times it takes a certain amount of finesse to accomplish my job, yet that only serves to make it even more satisfying.

I take a certain pleasure in guiding my truck over mountain roads.  Hugging the corners as I deftly, smoothly shift gears to ensure a gentle and smooth accent. A light touch at the right moment, in just the right place and she glides around a corner.  Soft and smooth, light manipulations bring her back in line, as the engine purrs under the hood.  Soft and gentle, we crest the summit, and begin our decent. Taking my time ensures a easy, soft ride down the other side. Holding her back, not letting her go too fast, enjoying the apprehension as her momentum builds.  I can’t let her go just yet, have to hold her back until we near the bottom, leveling out just a little bit. Then I can slowly shift her up, gaining speed and momentum, going faster and faster the scenery slides by. At just the right time, I shift her into high gear, and let her scream on down the highway. An explosion of power is my reward for holding it steady until I feel it’s safe to let her go.