Downtown San Francisco! A few weeks ago, I was privileged to get a load that had three pick ups in San Francisco. I didn’t think much of it, and headed on over. Trusting to my GPS that was set to avoid tolls.


I should have known things were going down hill when I had to pay $25.00 to cross the Bay Bridge. Personally I didn’t think it was worth the cost. My first pick up was right off 3rd Ave in downtown. Just a block or so from the stadium. The place was so small we couldn’t fit a 53 foot trailer in their dock. They had me park in the middle of the street and then loaded me right there.


After that, my trusty little Tinker Bell (that’s the name I gave my GPS, because I would like to ” tink her bell” sometimes) took me on a tour of residential San Francisco. Trust me, semi trucks do not belong in residential San Francisco. After finally finding the next shipper, I was allowed to practice my backing. I had to back out of their driveway onto a busy street. Then back into their driveway. Not to Bragg at all, but but I nailed both in one shot. The next pick up was simple, no problem at all.

During the whole day, my student kept saying ”I’m glad you’re driving” and ”I’m worn out just from watching you”.

It was an experience I will never forget, and hope never to have to repeat!