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The open road is a demanding mistress. All I want to do is pause and enjoy my sunrise, and sunset. The simple warmth of the sun’s rays enveloping me like arms. Holding me, comfortable and warm on a winters eve. Yet my loads demand I roll on and on, pausing little.

The few times I do pause and really spend some time enjoying my sunrise are so much more special because of it. Providing memories and moments to hold close to the heart and cherish. Moments in time I wish to bottle and store away for future use. Simple little glimpses of what is and can be that feed my gypsy soul.

There will come a time when I will be able to pause and enjoy the sunny benefits. Until that time I will drive on, doing my job, running the roads.

I will however stop frequently to cast my dreams upon the wind. Letting it carry them where it will to share with those who pause and listen.

Wind whispers to spirits willing to listen to the melody.