Many people think I’m just a little nuts, but I prefer to stay out and work over the holidays. I’m not much of a homebody anyway, and the holidays really are pretty boring. The whole time I’m at the house, all I do is fidget around, wait for that chance to get back on the road.

This year is no different, I will be spending the merry seasons where I belong, the wide open road. I do hope they do a better job of keeping me rolling this year. Last year I spent Thanksgiving in Laredo, TX, Christmas in Tampa Florida, and New Years in podunk Georgia, (just can’t remember the name of that tiny little town). I am hoping for a little better selection this year.

So far so good, I get to spend Thanksgiving in Troutdale, Or. Obviously a huge improvement over Laredo.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and happy thanksgiving, in the places you want to be.