One of the best things about running the 48, is the Autumn roads. I see such a variety of colors that can be ever so beautiful. Each state or region seems to have its own color combinations. Some more vibrant than others, yet there is a strange beauty in the subdued colors of the desert regions. I think my favorites are the mid east, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, those areas with the largest variety of trees and bushes.

The privilege of driving day shift and solo, is the ability to enjoy the season so much more. I can stop when and where I want as long as it does not effect on time delivery of my load. I have a habit of stopping at rest areas that have a bit of a hiking opportunity nearby. Granted, unfortunately these are few and sometimes far between.

For me there is nothing more satisfying than the random stroll through nature’s many wonders and beauties. To be able to take a break, and walk through the woods, enjoying the colors, fragrances, and music. I hear the wind rustling in the trees, stirring fallen leaves on the trail. Critters chattering in the distance, or even the silence of solitude. All a music of it’s own individual influence, orchestrated just for me.