If the God’s and Spirits were to allow the choice of your own protective Saint, I know now who would be my choice.

A child so pure and strong of heart to have given his all, soul, spirit, and being to save one even younger than he. For his acts of heroism in such a short life, I would believe Sainthood to surely be his. A heart to young to have known evil or enemy. A spirit that knew well the love of parents with vision enough to allow him to save even more lives in death.

I pray, ”God’s and Spirits, send me an angel to sit upon my shoulder, guide my path, advise my conscience, and to protect my heart. I beg you, send forth your newest, most fearless and strongest saint. Please allow Zander Vento to be my quardian. To hear the laughter of a child, and feel his strength, and purity of heart guiding me, is my wish.”

Wandering Gypsy Spirit