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A short time ago, I the federal government passed the Transportation Bill. Included within this bill was a little thing known as ”Jason’ s Law”. This was a win for the safety of commercial drivers, and the traveling public in general.

What exactly is Jason’s Law? It is an initiative started when a truck driver, Jason Rivenburg, parked at an abandoned filling station off I-26. Safe parking was not available, and contrary to popular opinions, is getting less and less available these days. As a result of the lack of safe parking, Jason was killed by a two bit thief for the $7.00 in his pocket. Chage left over from purchasing a meal at a local dinner. Jason’s wife took it upon herself to make his senseless death mean something, and Jason’s Law is the result.

What this law does is provide funding for safe parking specifically for commercial vehicles, through grant availability. Additionally, it mandates federally funded highway projects include planning and development of safe parking for commercial vehicles.

As I understand this, the mandate is there now, but it does not specify how much money has been set aside or where it’s to come from. It is up to us now, contact your Congressional representative and put some pressure on them to fund the law that came of Jason’s death. Make sure your state representatives are aware of the new law. Convince then to ask for the funds, and spend them where intended.

Parking is an issue every truck driver deals with on a daily basis. Truck stops fill up quickly, and some charge up to $20. 00 for overnight parking. Many rest areas along freeways and US highways are being closed down due to budget constraints. Drivers are forced to find parking along off ramps, and in abandoned businesses. Many ” safe” havens such as WalMart post signs, forbidding truck parking. Who cares we deliver the goods they sell, we’re still not good enough to park on their property.

Personally, if I find a store that posted signs forbidding truck parking, I boycott, said store. I’m sure what little I would have spent there will not break them, but I am stubborn that way.