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I decided to share just a smidgen of what life for an Over The Road driver is like. I’ve already mentioned a few times, just how much I love the job, so please don’t think I’m complaining. Just like all jobs, there are good and not so good elements involved.

I’m on the road for three to four months at a time. The longest I have been out without going by the house is four months. Often when I do get by the house it is only for a short 10 hour rest… Now, understandably my wife does not particularly care for my chosen profession for jus that very reason.

I live in my truck… home literally is where I park it. I know, sounds like a Redneck joke, right. My truck is well equipped with most everything I need.


My bed.




And refrigerator. Note I have decorated a little to make it feel more like home. I have a preference for wolves and American Indian art, and of course old school pin-up art. It really is quite comfortable. I have about two weeks worth of clothing, and most truck stops have a laundromat. I take my showers and meals at truck stops. In a way, life revolves around where I can find parking.


This is my ” office”. I spend 8 to 10 hours a day, right here behind the wheel. One of the good things is that it’s only about 4 feet from my bed. There is NO commute.

The places I get to go, and sights I’m privileged to see are so very worth it.