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One of the disadvantages of driving, is all the down time. Take for instance my last couple days.
I delivered a load in Walton, KY. I was then supposed to run down to Louisville, KY to grab a really fast paced load to Fontana, CA. I was primed and ready, had all the hours I needed between my student and I. Planned the trip out to the letter, 2075 miles in a day and half, better be planned.

So I’m sitting there waiting for them to load my trailer, I was early as usual. All of a sudden, they come out and tell me the load has been canceled. SHIT, major letdown!

You have to take into account that I had run 113 miles empty to get there. Plus I had already purchased fuel for the trip.
      1)  Now how do I get paid for the empty miles.
      2)  That fuel will be assigned to my previous load. What that does is make my “paid MPG” hit rock bottom. That means that a check That was looking pretty darn good, could very well go negative on me.

No worries, I’ll get another load, I just have to send off a few messages on the QualCom. Yep, no problem,  a new load going the same place. Only thing is it picks up back in Walton… where I just came from.

We fire it up, put Zack Brown in the CD, “Colder Weather ” is my favorite song, and roll on back the 113 miles. As we’re wheeling in to the shipper, my company sends another message. “Load number ###### has been removed from your truck. Contact your DM with questions”. DOUBLE DAM, they canceled the second reloads. OK, now I have 226 unpaid miles I have to work out. Still the same problem in relation to “paid MPG”. 

Here we go again! Messaging my DM, trying very hard to maintain my “Diplomatic” tone, what I like to call Diplo-speak. This really is pretty difficult because by now, I have black smoke fuming out my ears. In the long run though I manage, because you get more bee’s with honey than you do with vineger.

I did eventually get another load, not as many miles but a load all the same. I just have to wait until tonight to pick it up and start rolling. I’ll be at my destination about midnight Wednesday. 

At least I’ll be able to scan the paperwork in by the deadline so that load will help my “paid Mpg’s”.  That is as long as this load does not get canceled.  If that happens, just plug your ears, because you will not want to hear the conversation.

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