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Lightning Storm-1

Lightning Storm-1 (Photo credit: Grizdave)

The inky darkness of this angry night… complete, enveloping, all consuming. It’s as if the sky is shrouded in black theater velvet. Lightning sparks, thunder claps, and the fabric of this ominous night sky is torn… ripped in jagged lineation. The lightening dramatically, flashing across the West Virginian mountains.  Scenes, ever so reminiscent of home… except for the deluge of water that is falling from the heavens.

Ever so many storms I have enjoyed from an observers perspective back home, yet nearly all had been dry. A condition quite common in the high mountain, semi arid regions where I hail. This new experience, adding a whole new twist to the cataclysm of a lightning storm. Lightning flashing through the distorting drops of rain, creating individual, miniature, unnatural rainbows. The constant deluge, flooding the road, making the drive treacherous.  Allowing me an excuse to pull into a darkened rest area so I can enjoy the show of angry spirits.

I stood in in the shelter of the rest area, darkened, robbed of it’s false electric light by the very tempest I was viewing.  Huddled with a small group of strangers, so very unlike my own nature.  We all watched in silent, appreciative awe as the assault marched across the nights horizon. total darkness, seemingly impenetrable one moment, emblazoned fury the next.

Even though the storm was short lived, it was certainly impressive.

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