Happy Birthday Dad


It seems like just yesterday, yet it’s been ten years now since my Father passed away.  Father’s day is the holiday that hits me hardest, however, his birthday is a tough one also.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him or the wise words he shared. The love he exuded, yet could never bring himself to say or express. He was of that generation.

he was not a talkative man, but when he spoke people listened because they knew and valued his judgment. The ever present “coffin nail” (his words) dangling out the corner of his mouth. His work worn and weathered hands that were capable of such gentle touch. That mischievous grin that lit up his face so many times.

I miss you Dad.

Where Have I Left It?


Patience is said to be a virtue.  I suppose I should take that at face value, yet I find myself impatient with my own imagination. 

I wonder sometimes, if diet has an impacts on one’s creative process.  I have been eating much healthier of late, and have been leaning towards the belief that this was a mistake.  Sounds like a definite possibility.  Therefore an excuse to return to my less health conscious methods of containing my hunger.  Any excuse will do actually, yet I have learned to enjoy so much of my age responsible diet. 

I have been remise and flat out lazy with my blogging of late.  Jennifer has been pushing me write more frequently.  Of course Kel is also thinking I should be putting in a little more effort.  So I will start working with a tad more energy.  I have a whole list of suggestions, thanks to WordPress ‘ s daily posts.  Bear with me a little, and perhaps I’ll find my voice once again.

A little patience, unlike Peanut, who can’t even wait for me to get out of the restroom.  All I can promise is to make the effort.

“It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness, and the playground is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of his capacities and talents.” – Eric Hoffer

The Mountains Are Life

Eric N Jennifer @ 11,000 feet

Pacing back and forth, nervous anticipation exuding form every stoma of my being.  Why I’m nervous, I have no idea.  I’m simply waiting for the most amazing woman in my life to arrive. The one person who manages to put a smile on my face at any time or in any circumstance.  Here I am in the baggage claim of Denver International Airport, just pacing, back and forth.  I can just imagine the scene in the security office. Boss, check out camera 10, this guy is all over the place.  maybe we better get the SWAT team ready! 

A short time later, that felt like an eternity, I look up the hall and see a vision of beauty.  She is running down the hall toward me… Running, in high heels and a lacey black dress.  I start to move towards her, a huge smile on my face.  The scene could have easily come from some silly commercial or one of those girly romance movies.  Two people running towards one another, embracing and kissing each other with obvious passion. 

It has been five weeks since I last held her gorgeous form in my arms, and I simply can’t resist.  especially since this little vacation very nearly didn’t happen.  We had planned everything out for the last three months, yet finding a load to get me to Colorado turned out to be impossible.  I ended up bobtailing, driving without a trailer or load, from Sapulpa, Ok. to Denver.  The company was not too happy about it either, but I won out in the end.

My sister Chris’ Husband, Carl, had picked me up from the truck stop.  Given me a ride to the airport to pick her up, and drive us back to the truck.  We would spend a little time with them when the weekend was over.  Our priority on this night was to get ourselves in my truck and up to Fairplay.  Traffic in Denver was surprisingly heavy at 9:00 PM and it took a little bit to leave the the city lights far behind us.  I weaved my way through the mountain valleys, going up, up, and up.  We stopped on top of Kenosha Pass at about 11:00 Pm.  The night sky was clear, black as velvet and sparked with the glimmer of stars.  I had nearly forgotten how beautiful the night skies are up here.  I inhaled the purity of mountain air, and felt a rejuvenation starting deep inside my spirit.  Before knew it, I was parking at Mom’s house, and getting ready for bed.  I’ll keep the details of that to myself, thank you very much.

Saturday morning, we woke early, eager to start our day. 20140728_070045 Breakfast at Mom’s, and then we had a few scheduled events for the day.  The reason behind this little vacation was my 30 year high school reunion.  There was a meet and greet at the local coffee shop, The Java Moose.  Then we spent the day exploring the Burro Days booths (Local Annual Event) and South Park City (Restored 1880’s Town).  Jennifer and I spent the whole day together, with nothing to do.  It was probably one of the first times ever for us.  We spent the evening with Mom and Kevin, (my brother) and then got ready for the barbeque at Cohen Park. 

To put this reunion into perspective, you have to realize that a successful reunion has an attendance of only 15 percent of 10402374_354335474742730_2524915602459142966_nthe class.  When your graduating class is like mine, 28 people, you have to open things up to other classes also or there would only be 2 or 3 people.  So the entire decade of the 80’s was invited.  we had about 20 people show up.  It was pretty neat to see all the people I grew up with and went to school with so long ago.  Many of us “friended” each other on Facebook and made other connection to stay in contact in the future.  Although the “purpose” of the vacation was the reunion, the best part was spending so much time with Jennifer.

Sunday, we set out to see my old stomping 20140727_121854grounds.  Jennifer and I have a history up here, and it started with the Buckskin Cemetery in Alma.  Naturally we had to return there and explore the tombstones.  The interesting part about old cemeteries are the ages of their residents.  It’s always shocking to me to find so many children.  I know it was a difficult time, and the medical services were simply not available, yet it still 20140727_125630saddens me to see it.   The Grave markers themselves are of interest also.  We20140727_125642 found this wooden marker among the aspens, surrounded by a weather worn and dilapidated wooden fence.  A five year old little girl.  I wonder at the cause of her death.  Was it an accident, disease, or something more traumatic.  The solemnity of cemeteries is conducive to thought and contemplation.  I always feel as if I’m communing with the spirits of those who went before.  Now I’m not a religious person in the slightest, yet I do believe people have an energy or spirit. Sometimes those spirits don’t chose to leave, preferring to stay behind and share with the living.


After the cemetery, we went on up the mountain, exploring the back roads and mountains.  we spent nearly the whole day on the mountain, enjoying breathtaking views and clear fresh mountain air.  For me, best of all, I was able to spend all day with Jennifer.  Like I said she is able to put a smile on my face at any time, but especially when we’re together.


I’ll share more in the future, but for now, This seems to be a decent place to pause.

If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love.
              -Maya Angelou

Time to Clear Off The Dust


Yes indeed, it is time once again to dust off the tools and start scribbling some more. My silent laziness has lasted long enough.

I do seem to go through epic stints of, hell, I don’t know what… idleness. My only excuse is, perhaps a lack of imagination. No, that can’t be right, for the ideas and visions floating around in my head are plentiful. Stolidity, is a confounding and formidable foe.

Perhaps, it’s time to explore the dusty, darkened corridors of my imagination. Open a few doors, no matter how delicate, obtuse, or intricate they may be. I need to start writing again, and to do so with some regularity.

I do have a few pet peeves that cropped up recently, so I may break out my soap box soon. Until then, bear with me, and have a little patience. I’ll get back in the swing of things soon enough.

Moon Currents



Gazing up, a full moon floats above the clouds. Still and bright as the clouds flow as if captured by a current. Feel as if watching from under water as a river of current flows overhead. The clouds, white caps on turbulent Rapids. Sister Moon, vigorous and vibrant, sharing her strength.

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Things Are Greening Up Everywhere



For the last two weeks, I have been rolling pretty steady.  Putting in some pretty hectic and very confusing hours.  One side of me is loving it because I am just a tad bit of a workaholic.  It certainly makes the days go by fast, sometimes without notice!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ll lose track of what day of the week it is. 

There is an additional benefit to rolling hard every week.  You get to see a lot of things greening up with spring.  I’m also seeing my bank account green up, something I haven’t seen in a very long time.  I can’t explain how nice it is to finally be working for a company that pays the way they advertise, no hidden fees or back charges.  Honesty is a truly valuable commodity.  It is so nice to be able to start catching up on bills for a change, and not have to borrow money to survive.

20140313_070028I’m getting loads that take me from coast to coast pretty regularly.  I love the 3,000 mile loads, I also get a lot of 2,000 mile ones with a smattering of 800 mile trips in between.  I’m getting to see a lot of country, in all different conditions and times. Much of the west is experiencing spring, even while the north east is still being slammed by winters madness. 

This week, I’ve gone from Florida to Washington, and now I’m headed back south east once again.  This morning I was welcomed with a beautiful Oregon sunrise. 

Next week I’m heading home to New Richmond, Wi. and spending a few days with Jennifer.  I’ll even be able to afford to take her out to eat and perhaps a movie. 

Highway Blur




Last week is a blur.  One day merging into another, with a few nights thrown in for good measure. 

I have been rolling pretty hard, from one load right on to the next.  Fast paced and tight as can be.  Add in a little inclement weather, and we have a mix for confusion. 

It’s amazing how fast I can lose track of the days.   Never fails, when I end up running these loads that require me to run just as hard as I can.  It means I start early, finish a shift mid afternoon, then have to start out again as soon as my 10 hour break is up.  Basically, that requires waking up about 4 hours earlier each day, until I have trouble discerning night from day.

What this type of schedule really does, is mess up the old body clock.  Sleep becomes a much needed, seldom found, necessity.  I say seldom found because I have to work to convince myself that I should be sleeping in the middle of the day.  By the time my 70 hours duty time was up, I needed about 12 hours consecutive sleep to reset my poor abused body clock.

The miles have been great, but there have been a few days of nasty weather.  I just missed that wild and crazy storm in Arkansas.  Actually, I shouldn’t say missed, because I spent about 20 hours in it.  I started out from a shipper just after the snow began falling.  The roads were treacherous, so I parked for the night.  When I woke up the next morning, accidents were everywhere.  The highway wasn’t jammed up just yet though so I started out.  After running from Pottsville, Ar. to Little Rock, Ar. I got smart and jumped the side roads, heading south.  Breaking out of the adverse weather after about 50 miles, I kept on rolling… Florida here I come.

Now I’m headed back towards the north west.  Tampa Florida to Tacoma Washington.  3000 plus miles in six days.  I’m loving it.

I’ll try to be a little better about posting, but things did get a little crazy last week.


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